講師/Lecturer: Dr. Lara Varpio
Asso. Professor, Dept. of Medicine
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences(USUHS)


Conference Room No.2, Children Building 12K

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Sept 18th(Mon) 09:30-12:00
Conference Room 2, Children Building 12K

《Workshop》Being programmatic, collaborative, exciting and the “other” skills of successful research scholars: A workshop for early career researchers: Being a successful scholar in health professions education requires many deliberate activities. Some are self-evident: develop a broadly relevant area of inquiry; use rigorous research methods; and develop expertise in a theory(-ies) to enhance your work. Other activities are implicit: strategically develop a program of research; develop collaborations to support your research and that of your collaborators; and describe your research in ways that make it interesting and relevant to others. Unfortunately, these “other” activities generally receive insufficient attention. All too often, making research programmatic, strategically collaborative, and exciting are goals serendipitously achieved, if they are achieved at all. This workshop seeks to address this gap in health professions researchers’ professional development. 

兒童大樓12K 第二簡報室


Sept 19th(Tue) 12:00-13:00
Conference Room 2, Children Building 12K

《Short Talk》Building the Community of Medical Education Scholars: Participation in medical education scholarship is widely considered necessary for successful, modern medical training programs. Health professions education scholarship units (HPESUs) that support scholarship and research are being launched internationally, but the processes for developing and sustaining successful HPESUs are not well understood.  While histories of some individual HPESUs are available, overarching analyses of the lessons learned about establishing and sustaining HPESUs in diverse contexts has yet to be conducted. In this session, I describe my program of research that studies HPESUs around the world to construct broadly applicable understandings of how these units are launched and successfully maintained. I will share findings from unit Directors and unit members in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. I will describe some best practices for securing institutional support, for understanding the work these units engage in, the people who work within them, and considerations for how to launch these units in contexts where none currently exist.   

9月19日(二) 12:00-13:00
兒童大樓12K 第二簡報室

參與醫學教育學術研究被普遍認為是建立成功且具現代化之醫學培訓計劃不可或缺之要素。近年國際間紛紛成立專門從事學術及研究相關工作的醫學教育學術單位(HPESU),但人們尚未瞭解這些醫學教育學術單位得以成功發展並永續經營的箇中原因。儘管我們可以追朔出部份單位的歷史沿革,但目前尚未有研究針對這些醫教學術單位之成立源起及永續經營進行多面向分析。 在本次演講中,講者將和參加者分享她的研究:探討世界各地醫學教育學術單位的成立背景、經營之道,以及她與加拿大、澳洲、紐西蘭及美國等地之學術單位主任及成員共同完成的研究結果。同時講者也將分享她所觀察到的最佳實踐,包含如何持續獲得相關機構的資助、瞭解醫教學術單位的主要業務內容、工作成員,以及如何在當地尚未有類似機構的情形下,從無到有的建立醫學教育學術單位。

Sept 19th(Tue) 14:00-16:00
Conference Room 2, Children Building 12K

《Workshop》Consensus methods in medical education research: the good, the bad and the ugly: Be it for developing entrustable professional activity (EPA) standards, for determining which competencies to include when revising a course or curriculum, or for determining best practices – in medical education there is often little data to support decision making. Instead, we rely on consensus. Consensus group methods, such as Delphi and nominal group technique (NGT), are widely used to enhance decision-making, synthesize expert opinions, and measure areas where there is uncertainty. Unfortunately, little guidance exists to help researchers use consensus methods. Furthermore, these methods are poorly standardized and inconsistently used and described. In medical education, there is lack of consistency in nomenclature, poor documentation of methodology and lack of rigor in reporting. The purpose of this workshop is to provide best-practice guidance to researchers considering the use of consensus group techniques and to provide a series of tips to improve the quality of reporting.  

9月19日(二) 14:00-16:00
兒童大樓12K 第二簡報室


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